platinum - baudot 1927

When someone just settle for the best and know what it means to bring a custom shoe, it is worthy to be part of our exclusive CLUB PLATINUM.

For these special customers, we take the measurements of your feet and perform a reliable mold its features. This mold will be saved with your name in our workshop to use it whenever the client is looking for a new pair. In making each pair unique and unrepeatable, attend and listen to all customer requirements, both in the design lines, how the choice and combination skin in order to get the perfect shoes. The product including culminates in the sole name and surname of his own future.

Choose the model you like and contact us directly to email: tell us your favorite colors, the changes you want to do and we’ll do the final design, while prepared with an exact mold of your foot steps in order to use it every time you want a new Baudot.

Once we receive your email, within 24 hours one of our craftsmen will contact you to set all those prior to the execution of the last aspects of your foot.