The Origin of the name

baudot 1927 - Caballo doble

Knight Chess-piece

We chose this symbol as it represents our signature values; STRENGTH to convert ourselves into an iconic brand in the luxury footwear sector, SKILL in strategic movements to penetrate the market and ABILITY to triumph over our competitors and retail to our potential customers with the intention of becoming the leading brand within the sector.

Baudot1927 - Baudot


Is the name of the largest undersea mountain in the Mediterranean which encompasses all of the Balearic Islands.

Baudot1927 - 1927


Is the year of the first traces of manufacturing in Mancor, a small town of Mallorca, but with a great tradition in the creation of high-quality footwear. At the same time it was the year in which the Baudot undersea mountain from which our brand was inspired, was discovered and named.